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      1. ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Shaoxing Haiyan New Material Technology Co., Ltd is an industrial enterprise specializing in the production of rigid polyurethane insulation foam materials. Adhering to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, integrity and pragmatic, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, adhere to good product quality for the majority of users.



        • Composite polyether

          HY series polyurethane hard foam combination polyether is widely used in refrigerators, freezers, plates, garage doors, containers, cold storage site spraying, beer cans, water heaters, building insulation and other fields, as insulation materials.

        • Actual sample for high pressure spray painting

          High pressure foam machine is used to push the readily-madePolyol Blend and isocyanate into the spray gun.After intensive mixing,the mixt-ure is aprayed onto the surface of pipes and wa-lls,so as to form an effective protective layer of polyurethane (heat insulation,sound insulation,water proof and shockproof).

        • Import and exprot trade

          Haiyan company is a industrial enterprises with import and export rights, perennial distribution of various types of imported and domestically produced more and more methyl phenyl isocyanate (MDI), such as Japan polyurethane co., MR - 100, MR - 200, Japan's mitsui takeda M - 200, ...